Sanctum 2 is an intoxicating blend of action and strategy (Sci-Fiction)

Scandinavian sci-fi video game sequel is an intoxicating blend of action and strategy
What you need to know: Sci-fi action video game Sanctum 2 has been released in the UK. The sequel to Sanctum, for PC and Xbox, was developed by the Swedish game studio Coffee Stains. In Sanctum 2 players take on the role of one of four elite soldiers, including Skye, each with unique abilities and weapons whose mission is to protect a human colony planet from hordes of aliens. Players must use strategy to construct towers and walls during the building phase before switching to the first-person-shooter mode to defend these towers when the enemies attack. There are single-player and multi-player modes. What the critics like: "This sequel improves on the first Sanctum in almost every way," says Leif Johnson on IGN. It's a tightly paced adventure that offers an intoxicating blend of co-op first-person-shooter action and strategic tower defence. At its best, Sanctum 2 is "one of the most intense game experiences available on PC", says Daniel Tack on Forbes. It's a genuine joy to come up with the strategy and fancy footwork to beat the waves of alien hordes, and an excellent soundtrack highlights these epic encounters. Sanctum was good, but "Sanctum 2 blows the original right out of the water", says Zachary Martinez on Examiner. The enemy have evolved to become more diverse, the art direction is brilliant, the gameplay mechanics have been tightened and there's excellent replay value. What they don't like: While it's extremely accessible, Sanctum 2 "sometimes requires too much trial-and-error", says Game Informer. It's definitely a game for those who love experimenting, but it can be frustrating having to repeat same levels several times while correcting the errors of your ways. For further concise, balanced comment and analysis on the week's news, try The Week magazine. Subscribe today and get 6 issues free. Source: The Week UK.