Monaco game: Pac-Man meets Oceans 11 in crime caper

Monaco: What's Yours is Mine combines classic movie crime with arcade thrills
What you need to know: Stealth heist video game Monaco: What's Yours is Mine has been released in the UK. Developed by Pocketwatch Games for Windows, OSX and XBox, the game has been described as a cross between Pac-Man and Hitman. Monaco can be played solo or in multiplayer mode and offers a top-down view of the action. Players assemble a crack team of thieves, each with a special skill (locksmith, pickpocket, femme fatale etc.), to rob banks, escape burning yachts, and bust fellow thieves out of prison. What the critics like: "There is so much to like and discover about Monaco", says Scott Nichols on Digital Spy. With its ensemble cast, daring break-ins and carefully laid plans, it's the closest you're likely to come to an Ocean's 11 game. Monaco succeeds in marrying "the twists and turns of classic crime movies with the addictive nature of arcade staples like Pac-Man", says Marty Sliva on IGN. The movie homages and stylish, pixelated animation culminate in a "wonderfully satisfying" suite of missions that deliver immense payoffs. Monaco combines challenges, comedy and classic crime capers, says Nick Wheeler on The Reticule. It's a high intensity game full of madcap antics and touches of comedy – "get some friends together and prepare for some hilarious high-jinks". What they don't like: This "loot and scoot" game has some legibility issues, says The Edge. The characters aren't always visually distinct enough to tell apart, and reading maps and floorplans can be difficult, but it's a testament to this nervy, tactical game that such flaws can't spoil it. Source: The Week UK.......................................................