Deus Ex The Fall: mobile app for iPhones and iPads is 'hard to put down'

What you need to know: A new instalment in the Deus Ex science-fiction stealth action video game has been released in the UK. Deus Ex: The Fall, from developer n-Fusion, has been designed specifically for mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads. The game is set in the same dystopian future as the 2011 Deus Ex: Human Revolution game, and serves as a sequel to Icarus Effect. Players step into the shoes of ex-mercenary Ben Saxon, on a mission to uncover the truth behind a conspiracy between rival drug companies in Panama to create a shortage of a vital drug called Neuropozine. Gameplay involves four elements known as Combat, Stealth, Hacking and Social Skills. Players can switch between these gameplay types to fulfil a mission. What the critics like: "Nearly every element of The Fall's presentation impresses," says Justin Davis on IGN.The mysterious and well-told story and impressive game world create a mobile experience that's hard to put down. This mobile game is an adventurous creation with intuitive and satisfying touchscreen inputs, rich graphics and a brilliant soundtrack, says Nate Lanxon in Wired. And the concise plot suits jump-in, jump-out gaming for public transport - "tremendously enjoyable". The Fall surprises by delivering "rare console quality in a mobile game", says Chelsea Stark on Mashable. The app offers a great mix of gameplay, from stealth to combat, and offers rewards for non-violent solutions. What they don’t like The game is at times rewarding but "often frustrating", says Pete Worth on Videogamer. It's certainly an ambitious step in mobile gaming, but the clunky combat makes it fall short of a blockbusting experience. Source: The Week UK