Military shooter game sequel Call of Duty: Ghosts - reviews

The latest instalment of CoD may be 'gloriously stupid', but one of the most fun-to-play in years
What you need to know: Reviewers are calling the latest instalment of action video game Call of Duty, just released in the UK, "immensely enjoyable" if not exactly a reinvention of the series. Call of Duty: Ghosts, from developers Infinity Ward, will be the first in the franchise available on the new generation Playstation and Xbox consoles. Ghosts is set in a hypothetical future where the hostile Federation (a group of South American nations) has hijacked America's space weapons to dominate the country. Players take on the role of Hesh, a soldier in an elite US Special Operations force known as Ghosts, fighting a guerrilla war to drive the Federation out of the US. What the critics like: The new Call of Duty is "thoroughly stupid, at times and gloriously so", with a campaign that involves terrorist astronauts and stealth dogs, says Chris Schilling in the Daily Telegraph. Yet if Call of Duty is the gaming equivalent of junk food, it's prepared to gourmet standard. Ghosts is "yet another well-considered and entirely worthwhile sequel", says David Jenkins in Metro. The campaign has some great moments and the action is as good as close quarters combat has ever been. Ghosts is "immensely enjoyable and arguably the franchise's most fun-to-play in years", says Dan Silver in The Mirror. And on the new Playstation console every bang is bigger, every explosion more exciting, and the added level of detail is genuinely eye-popping. What they don't like: The worst crime that Ghosts commits is that it fails to offer a compelling next-generation vision for the series, says Dan Whitehead on Eurogamer. Developers had a chance to show that this hugely popular behemoth can dance to a different tune, but it's "chosen to play a Greatest Hits package instead" Source: The Week UK