World’s Largest Video Game Collection Sells For $750,000

To be obsessed with technology and especially the field of electronic games is a good thing, but that brings you Hosk this enormous sums of money he is very cool, and if we talked yesterday about hanging electronic games on YouTube famous b (PewDiePie) and its income huge behind his passion today we We'll talk about another maniac is Michael Thompson. And is Michael Thompson, owner of a shop selling games Electronic It is also the owner of the largest collection electronic games in the world, according to Guinness (Guinness), where the collection of nearly 11,000 electronic game since he was a kid in the 12-year-old to become 31 years old, but he recently developed this "treasure"at auction in order to take advantage of material. It seems that Michael Thompson very lucky where the transfer site ArsTechnica on the progress of the buyers I set an amount of $ 750,250 for the possession of thisenormous collection of games and what is on the seder esteemed owner of this amount, and while sources confirmed that the person who bought the group did not reveal his identity the others assert that there are people who have much larger groups of games from a Michael Thompson but refuse to sell them as they consider themselves to be obsessed with the real. Source: Best Of Everything, Open in images in new tab or window (Browser) to find its source of sharing