What is the scope in gaming?

Pervin Malhotra: Q.I am going to complete Class XII in science stream this year. I am very keen on making a career in game development and programming. Which courses or degree should I opt for? — dhruv mahajan A.While there are a few undergraduate courses in game design and technology, like DSK International’s Video Game School that offers specific courses in game design, game art and game programming. Details: http://admission.dsksic.com/video-game) or those offered by MAAC (www.maacindia.com) or Arena (www.arena-multimedia.com), Raffles Millenium International, Bangalore, Animaster Academy, Bangalore, Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune, etc However, some suggest that doing a BTech in Computer Science/IT may give you a firmer footing in this field. After that, you can opt for a top-of-the-line postgraduate course like DSK’s or IIT-Mumbai’s Industrial Design Centre’s PG course in Animation & Game Design which is open to engineering and architecture graduates or ISOG, Hyderabad among several others. There are several other private institutes like ZICA, Indore, Toonz Academy, Shaft etc that also offer specialised courses in game design and development that you could consider at that juncture. Explore new vistas with sports law: Q.I am doing BA LLB but I am not interested in litigation or civil or criminal law. I am an extrovert with varied interests — actually OI am passionate about sports (hockey) which I had to give up because it clashed with my studies. Can you suggest some new or lesser known field of law that I could look at? I am very confused. — vishal grover: A.Here’s something that will ease your confusion. Sports law is set to be the next cash cow for law majors in India. With sports gaining popularity and prominence, law firms are looking at expanding their portfolio in this segment, which they feel is recession-proof. All celebrity endorsement deals are now being prepared by law firms. Earlier, it was restricted to the two parties involved – the celebrity endorsing the brand and the corporate entity. However, now law firms are increasingly being approached to facilitate such deals as part of their advisory services. Sports law in India is likely to emerge as a big area of practice in the next five years. And with the sector getting corporatised, there will be an increased demand for lawyers specialising in this field in the years to come. Their role will be to ensure that the contractual obligations of the athlete and that rights and liabilities are tailored to best suit the athlete. How to handle a negative reference? Q.I’ve had a rather unpleasant working relationship with my immediate senior in my present job. However, I need a decent reference from my employer to apply for a new job. What if he gives me a really nasty one — will it ruin my chances of further employment? I am really worried. — namita A.First of all, don’t worry. If it’s any comfort, the following should set your mind at rest. To steer clear of legal implications, most employers, when asked for references about former employees, respond very briefly — sticking to the essential documented facts, e.g. position held, period of employment, and the final salary drawn. By and large, they avoid giving negative information or actually suggesting that you are unreliable or unfit for hiring, etc. Besides, if this particular reference is not exactly a glowing one, don’t panic. More so, if the other references which you are submitting are on the positive side. Employers usually look for the overall trend, and one stray unsatisfactory reference should not really matter. It’s understandable that sometimes, interpersonal relationships do misfire. If asked to explain, you can always field the question adroitly (rehearsing your answer beforehand would help) without unduly trying to run down your previous employer. Source: Article