PlayStation 4 reviews: console gives Sony its 'swagger back'

PS4 puts focus back on gamers, say reviewers, and console's size and price give it edge over Xbox One
SONY hopes its PlayStation 4 games console will "wipe the floor" with Microsoft's Xbox One, and if early reviews of the PS4 are any indication, Sony may well have gained the upper hand.

Trusted reviews says the PS4 is a welcome update considering its predecessor, the PlayStation 3, was "an overpriced, overcomplicated console that surrendered Sony's once dominant position".

The website describes the PS4 as a "powerful, great looking console" that packs more features into a box that's smaller than Microsoft's console. It will need some "killer PS4 exclusives" - must-buy games that are only available on the PS4 platform – but the website says there's "no doubt" it's a leaner, more powerful and "more gamer-orientated" console than the Xbox One.

Writing in The Independent, Laura Davis says the PS4 has given Sony its "swagger back". The company has listened to gamers' concerns about the PlayStation 3, she writes, put the focus firmly on the gaming experience. It won't hurt, she adds, that the Japanese company has undercut the Xbox One by £80, pricing their new console at £349.

Looks wise, the PS4 has the edge, writes Davis. "It is sleeker and less bulky than its rival. Where Microsoft wants to dominate your living room in the entertainment sphere, the PlayStation 4 is all about gaming - but you can still access BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and other apps."

The PS4 is "the most powerful games console on the planet," says Tech Radar in a four-star review. The Sony box has "more graphical power than the Xbox One, 32 times more system memory than the PS3 and a firm focus on pure gaming experiences rather than media mojo". In short: "It has established itself as the next-gen console to beat."

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Tom Hoggins agrees the PS4 has raised the bar. He says it's "a slick, powerful and fast gaming console that places play front and centre". The only drawback is that the selection of games currently on offer is "distressingly thin".

Drive Club and the comic book adventure Infamous Second Son are the big titles "on the horizon", writes Hoggins. But beyond that, "things are a little more hazy".

Even so, the PS4 is a "better video games console than its competitor and is releasing at a more attractive price," writes Hoggins. The lack of exclusive titles is an "obvious problem", but it has the "power and poise" to become the best console Sony has ever produced. Source: The Week UK